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4-Directional Forklift Truck- CSD05/16/20

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 4-Directional Forklift Truck



• CSD 4-directional forklift has multiple functions. It can move forwards, backwards and sideways in both directions. Compared with ordinary forklift truck, CSD’s most distinguishing and incomparable feature lies in its excellent flexibility, convenience and maneuverability, it is quite flexible when carrying long loads moving sideways.

• Motor & control system features a low noise, no polution emission and is green and environment-friendly.

• Most advanced AC variable-frequency control system. AC motor provides the truck a more stable performance and quality, allows high efficiency and low energy consumption, motor maintain free .

• Adopt dual motor drive and double steering system, which allows the truck to drive forwards, backwards, sideways. The operator can freely select appropriate functions according to different working environment and situation.

• Shift between frontal and sideways travel, this function is controlled by prepared program of the electric control system. It has the power-on automatic detection function, if the truck is shut off or incident power failure occurs, the control system will do detection automatically while energizing again, and allow the truck restore to its original state in a very short time.

• Multi-function instrument displaying the battery power,work hour , fault self-diagnosing and alarm. Operator can know the truck conditions qiuckly, make trouble shooting and maintenance faster and easier.

Drive electric electric electric
Operator type seated seated seated
Load capacity/rated load Q(kg) 500 1600 2000
Load centre distance c(mm) 200 500 500
Wheelbase y(mm) 735 1300 1300
Tyre size, front mm φ250 φ406×152 φ406×152
Tyre size, rear mm φ250 φ380×114 φ380×147
Tread, front b10(mm) 1010 1133 1133
Tilt of mast/fork carrige forward/backward(α/β) 3/5 3/5 3/5
Lift height h3(mm) 3000


Free lift h2(mm) ~ ~ ~
Height, mast lowered h1(mm) 2090 2090 2090
Height, mast extended h4(mm) 3800


Overall length l1(mm) 1630 2890 2940
Overall width b(mm) 1400 1622 1622
Fork dimensions e/l(mm) 100/400 35/120/1070 40/120/1070
Distance between fork-arms b11(mm) 200-1360 240-1360 240-1360
Fork-carriage width b3(mm) 1360 1560 1560
Turning radius Wa(mm) 900 1500 1540
Travel speed, laden/unladen Km/h 5.5 10 10
Lift speed, laden/unladen mm/s 210 240 200
Gradeability, laden/unladen % 10 10 10
Battery voltage, nominal capacity K5 V/Ah 24/320 48/490 48/490
Battery weight kg 400 900 900
Sound level at the driver’s ear DIN 12053 dB(A) <63 <63 <63
Shaking m/s2 1.37 1.37 1.37
Service weight (with battery) kg 1500 3650 4300
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