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2020 Ruyi’s national distributors’ summit was held successfully

Xilin China> Press Release> 2020 Ruyi’s national distributors’ summit was held successfully

2020 Ruyi’s national distributors’ summit was held successfully

Themed with “To fight for all-win, to unite for a new future”, Ruyi’s national distributor summit was held successfully in Hang Zhou on 25th December. More over than 100 distributors, relevant media were invited to attend the summit. Attendees summed up 2019 and arranged the development strategy of 2020.

Honorary Chairman, Chu Jiwang, together with Chairman Chu Jiang and the leader team of Ruyi Company showed up at the meeting and addressed speeches about the current market situations and the blue map in the future.

New idea: Set great store by products with fine quality and price, as well as excellent service

To tackle the complex conditions in the domestic market, and to cater to the changing needs of the customers, Chu Jiang called on an innovative principle, i.e. offer the customers inexpensive high-quality products resulting from Ruyi’s prominent technology and abundant experience in the warehousing equipment industry. Besides, align Ruyi’s current products with those from international giants, aiming to promote service both for the market and customers. Ruyi would convert itself from a mere product seller to be an expert on providing complete logistic solutions, which enables Ruyi to balance between quality and service, and form its core competitiveness. Ruyi will be expected to see march steadily in the market.


New concept: Narrow the market, perfect the distributing channels

    In 2019,Ruyi made a comb of itself in all rounds, e.g. building brand, enriching products, optimizing prices, expanding distributing channels, protecting the terminal market, supporting advertising. Except for those, Ruyi nailed down its new distributing policy following the requirement from the new digital era. Innovative and creative marketing will be adopted in Ruyi’s development in the coming future which asks the team to narrow its traditional distributing means, to dig the distributing channels of an area in a depth. Besides, service will be expected to see an expansion to cut the distance with customers and establish customer royalty.

On the basis of the new policy, Ruyi has come up with “San san strategy” to help distributors improve their sales. For the distributors owning the characteristics of focus, single-minded, professional, the company will render a great support to accomplish them either on capital, expertise training, or on after-service. Ruyi’s distributing teams are not only requested to straighten competitiveness comprehensively, but also are called to carry on the spirit of “nail” to enhance their advantages in the market and to expand customer channels, therefore, to forge a splendid “Xilin” brand.


New business mode: promote operating efficiency and service quality

Competitions are among various products, but competitions on the business mode are likely to be with the same importance. Ruyi proposes the guideline “increase the sales, and achieve new business mode”. It targets to form a brand new operating mode for the distributors, and to facilitate operating efficiency and service quality overall, which in final, will lead to a leap of the comprehensive competitiveness of “Xilin” brand with point to an area principle by cooperation between the factory and the distributors.


New product: improve the performance for the needs of the market

From configurations to models, from lithium-battery trucks to segmented markets, the new fist products that will be released in 2020 are designed to meet individual demands of different customers. Reasonable prices and shortened delivery time will come together with them. Launching fresh new products manifests Ruyi’s rich technical experience and powerful R&D strength which are gained in the past decades in the field of electrical warehousing equipment area.


New field: integrate resources to positively plan the AI warehousing

equipment industry

Since 2019, Ruyi has had an ice-break in the intelligent warehousing equipment market with combined endeavor both on independent R&D and cooperation with international enterprises. To adapt the rapidly changing intelligent trends in the material handling market as well as the logistic industry, Ruyi will further expand its AGV group by its strong production capability on logistic equipment, working hard to achieve another record-high sale.


Let’s uphold the belief that Ruyi would see a rebirth of itself and achieve higher in 2020 after striving together with all distributors under the guides of all new policies and all measures that will be taken.

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