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China Xilin Held Its Meeting — Online to Offline Interconnected Development

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China Xilin Held Its Meeting — Online to Offline Interconnected Development

On 29th June, all personnel from China Xilin inland sales department gathered at Ruyi headquarter to participate in the meeting of “China Xilin Online to Offline Interconnected Development”. The attendees include Xue Xiaodong, board director and Gu Zicheng, chief inspector of inland sales department.


To begin with, Gu Zicheng made a summary and review for the online training of Eastern China Region, Shangdong, Henan and Shanxi Region, Southwest Region and Northern Region. He also reported the current conditions of more than 30 agents that had already joined in online stores.


Dingyuan, engineer from E-commerce department, used professional data to make an all-around analysis and presentation for the online business. Besides, through a question and answer session with the attendees, he deepened their understanding for the online mode, successfully interpreting the definition of “Online Store” — “Internet is a medium, online is a mode, and business is a skill.”


Xue Xiaodong, board director of the company, had made a full planning and deployment for the work of “Online to Offline Interconnected Development”. In her speech, she made a summary with four “first”: 1. We were the first factory in the industry to promote our agents to develop the online mode; 2. We were the first factory that could provide formal training and guidance for agents; 3. We created the sales mode for offline stores and would also create the mode for more than 100 online stores; 4. We would take the lead to build “Cloud Sales Platform” of this new era which was “Offline + Online + Logistics”. This new mode that Xue promoted had opened the mind of all the attendees and pointed a clear direction for the market development in the following years.


Since 2015, China Xilin had been keen on innovation and taking the lead. Starting from “hundred of offline stores” and “core agent group”, to “experience stores of Xilin forklift” and “grant agents”, and further to current “hundred of online stores” and “online to offline interconnected development”, Xilin had created new modes for the industry again and again, keeping presenting new pictures for us all!


It was learned that when the meeting was about to end, good news came again from the domestic market — during the first half of 2018, the year-on-year sales growth rate of domestic market had reached 30%, and the growth rate of electric forklifts had reached 77.28%.

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