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Chu Jiwang, Chairman of Ningbo Ruyi, Was Awarded with the Title “National Excellent Entrepreneur of 2017-2018”, the Only One in Ningbo

Xilin China> Press Release> Chu Jiwang, Chairman of Ningbo Ruyi, Was Awarded with the Title “National Excellent Entrepreneur of 2017-2018”, the Only One in Ningbo

Chu Jiwang, Chairman of Ningbo Ruyi, Was Awarded with the Title “National Excellent Entrepreneur of 2017-2018”, the Only One in Ningbo

On the morning of 6th, June, 2018 Chinese Entrapreur Annual Meeting and Commendation Meeting for National Excellent Entrepreneurs was held in Jiangyin of Jiangsu province. Chu Jiwang, chairman of Ningbo Ruyi, was awarded with the title “national excellent entrepreneur of 2017-2018”. Leader of CEC (China Enterprise Confederation) presented the certificate and cup for him. Altogether, there were 151 excellent entrepreneurs nationwide awarded with such a title, Chu being the only one of Ningbo. This honor was not only a recognition for Chu himself,but also a recognition and encouragement for the development of Ruyi over the past 33 years.


This commendation meeting was sponsored by CEC and government of Wuxi, with the subject “Promoting the entrepreneur spirit of the new era, pushing the high-quality development of enterprises”. Wang Zhongyu, president of CEC, Wu Zhenglong, provincial governor of Jiangsu, Li Xiaomin, municipal party secretary of Wuxi, Chen Jinhu, municipal party secretary of Jiangyin, Zhangtao, director of the working bureau of industry association of SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council), Xu Kemin, director of Industry and Information Policy Division, and other leaders and well-known enterpreneurs, altogether more than 1000, had presented this commendation meeting.


During the evaluation process, CEC and China Entrepreneur Association had conducted strict screening and comprehensive assessment, and they thought that as the founder and manager of Ningbo Ruyi, Chu Jiwang kept exploring the most suitable path of development. In Ningbo Ruyi, Chu Jiwang’s entrepreneur spirit was interpreted as the following four aspects: first, the spiritual support of “culture guides business”; second, the idea support of “make good products, win the market, and not betray conscience”; third, the innovation spirit of being the first and renewing oneself; last but not least, the divine responsibity of returning to the society and being enthusiastic in charity.


This award comes from Chu’s outstanding achievements in innovation, reform, management and social responsibility. As an excellent entrepreneur, Chu Jiwang led the enterprise to grow out of nothing, and keep growing. As a result, Ruyi had made a great leap in innovation, breakthrough and progress. Currently, Ruyi owned more than 100 patents, and “Xilin” warehouse material handling products had been sold to more than 156 countries and regions. Those products had been listed in national torch plan for several times, and had won many honors and titles, such as “Chinese famous brand products” “Zhejiang famous brand products” “Zhejiang exportation famous brand products” “national export inspection-free products” “IF germany design award” “red spot award” and so on. What’s more, the “Xilin” trademark had been awarded with titles such as “China well-known trademark” “Zhejiang well-known trademark” “Zhejiang well-known firm”. The company had been awarded with titles such as “Zhejiang excellent unit of integrity and law-abiding” “Zhejiang first green enterprise” “Zhejiang top 100 enterprise” “national excellent enterprise of machanical electrical products exportation” “national integrity AAA enterprise” “national torch plan enterprise of high and new technology” “Chinese quality and integrity enterprise” and so on. In recently years, Ruyi had donated more than 130 million RMB to the society.


After having attended this meeting, Chu Jiwang expressed that he felt great responsibility coming with this award, that he was held responsible to himself, the products, the enterprise, and also all the workers and the entire society, and that he should be devoted to his country and the party. Chu Jiwang said that they were ambitious and at the same time practical, and that in such a honorable moment, the pioneering spirit and striving spirit of all Ruyi workers shall never be forgotten. Finally, Chu Jiwang ended with a poem to express his emotions — “Reforms pushes us to develop, breaking the old to make the new; talents are rising worldwide, put our roots in snows without any fear of the cold.”


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