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Congratulations on 35th anniversary of Ningbo Ruyi

Xilin China> Press Release> Congratulations on 35th anniversary of Ningbo Ruyi

Congratulations on 35th anniversary of Ningbo Ruyi

Ruyi has been founded for 35 years

Ruyi has been striving for 35 years

Ruyi has kept innovation for 35 years


Feb. 28, 2020, time for spring sowing in traditional Chinese calendar, brings 35th anniversary to Ningbo Ruyi Company. Ruyi people would like to address sincere gratitude to all clients and friends globally at this auspicious occasion.


Ningbo Ruyi was found on 28th Feb.1985. Tottering and struggling to grow up like an infant, Ruyi has remained headed on an unchanging trajectory of sound momentum. Since its appearance in the forklift sector, chances and challenges have always accompanied, while success and failure cast their trails from time to time. Nevertheless, Ruyi determinedly marches ahead, aiming to forge a way of sustainable development with blood and sweat.


35-year is merely a moment in the long river of history. However, for people who have committed themselves to the establishment of an enterprise, 35th year comes with hardships which keep following like a shadow in the past decades. Ruyi started as an inconspicuous factory. Today, with the great endeavor and leading of Ruyi people, it devotes to starting a new page of the company’s history by stubbornly transforming to a modern factory, standing upon the east of China.


In the 35 years, Ruyi has achieved from scratch. It has accomplished one scientific research after another, which draws great attentions of the Party and state leaders in China as well as the clients all over the world. What’s more, broadly certificated and approved products bring numerous honors and championships for the company. So far, Ruyi Company has obtained hundreds of patents. Xilin, Ruyi-established brand focusing on production and sales of warehouse handling forklifts has been distributed to more than 100 countries and regions.


35 years

How time leaves like water in the river.

Suddenly look back,

there lie foot prints,

witness of our industry and joy

fellow at behind



At the time of celebration of its 35th anniversary, Ruyi will uphold its entrepreneurship and keep its promises, adhering to an old Chinese saying the road ahead is long and has no ending; yet high and low I will search with my will unbending.

As always, Ruyi will advocate its team spirit, develop top R&D team and unit all in order to realize life values in a scientific way.

Never forget to feed back the society by abiding by disciplines and laws, shouldering social obligation; Pursuit higher benefit; being mercy and generous are the business ideal of Ruyi Company.


At the time of 35th anniversary

Please allow us to pour out our gratitude to your dedicating years,

It’s you, who gave the name Ruyi which embraces your great expectation to the factory.

For Ruyi is the best wish we can get from people

it is the most splendid thing we can find in the world.

We will never forget your guidance on the way to another tomorrow

Now, Ruyi remains unshakable and becomes even firmer as time goes by,

It is now forging towards a better future.

We, every member of Ruyi, must present our grateful hearts in front of you,

You, the forever head of Ruyi,

Founder of Ruyi, Mr. Chu Jiwang

A poem written at the time of Ruyi’s 35th anniversary

      By Chu Jiwang

Untold and unbearable sufferings filled in the past time,

With dreams always standing on the top of the mountain and feeling being a master

For 35 years, for thousands of days and nights, I breathe with a heavy heart.

Given the rule of competition, only skilled and qualified products survive,

Glory time doesn’t stand long, new and revolutionary ideas would lead us to win.

Good business comes from hardy endeavor, and knee awareness of credit.

Uphold a heart of mercy, being king as well as generous,

Put distance from vanity.

Firmly hold the determination to explore business

While keep ever unfinished mission of successors in the mind.

Wrote on 20200228


Ruyi Company is setting sails ambitiously with confidence to seek for higher goals in the coming days.

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Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers which produce warehousing equipments such as Hand and Electric Pallet Trucks, Manual and Electric Stackers, Tow Tractors, Lift Tables, Order Pickers, Explosion-proof Trucks, Electric and Diesel/Gasoline Forklifts, Load Binders, and Hooks and so on. Ruyi possesses 700,000,000 yuan assets, with an area of 150000 square meters, including 100,000 square meters’ production plant. 70% of Ruyi’s products are exported to the EU and the USA. Our brand XILIN is well-known among 157 countries and areas.

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