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“Digital innovation, flying against the trend”

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“Digital innovation, flying against the trend”

“Digital innovation, flying against the trend”

Ningbo Ruyi’s Mid Year Comprehensive Training Meeting in 2020

      From May 26 to 27, Xilin forklift held the Ningbo Ruyi’s Mid Year Comprehensive Training Meeting in 2020 in Ninghai, themed “digital innovation · flying against the trend”, aiming to explore the breakthrough of traditional warehousing manufacturing industry of Xilin forklift, and the transformation and upgrading of new e-commerce mode of product personalization, manufacturing service, process virtualization and manufacturing resource.

In his opening speech, Chairman Chujiang, said that under the influence of the tide of the Internet era and the epidemic of Xinguan, many links such as factory resumption, store opening, project construction and order delivery had encountered many obstacles. However, Ruyi Company had maintained a steady increase in sales from January to April in such a difficult time, which came from complete product series, excellent product quality, sales order tracking and customers. At the same time, Ruyi Company had focused on the distribution of online marketing channels and actively explores the transformation to e-commerce.

The contents of the training meeting were mainly product training, sales and service training, e-commerce operation, new media operation, etc., including training of main products and e-commerce products, training of sales and service of main products and e-commerce products, AGV intelligent logistics training, basic e-commerce knowledge, and new opportunities in the new business environment.

The main way for e-commerce agents to gain new knowledge and service in the new field is to provide e-commerce service in the new field;

Through this training, the atmosphere for agents to enter the e-commerce market is further strengthened, which provides strong guarantee and power support for the Internet cooperation and deeper upgrading between the host plant and the agent.

Next, Ningbo Ruyi Company will upgrade the digital management and online and offline integrated marketing field, so as to build a comprehensive customer service platform with visual sales process, mobile sales behavior and intelligent sales management.


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