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Ruyi — A Secret in Field of “Transportation”

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Ruyi — A Secret in Field of “Transportation”

With such a poetic name, Ruyi is a machinery manufacturing enterprise. It has been honored as “National Civilized Unit” “National Advanced Enterprise in Mechanical and Electrical Products Exportation” “High and New Technology Enterprise in National Torch Plan” “King of Pallet Truck” and other titles over the years. As the poem goes, “the swimmer heads to the waves, his hands holding the flag without getting soaked.” Facing challenges of this new age, Ruyi becomes a giant in world industrial vehicle manufacturing industry, and with its technical innovation, it’s getting even more unshakable as time passes by.

When talking about Ruyi, the person that cannot be neglected is its chairman Chu Jiwang (current chairman consultant). Since graduated from Ninghai High School and enrolled in the army in July 1963, he has worked for 55 years. During these years, he has donated 130 million to public cause, and published 13 works; many of his prose, essays and theoretical articles have been reported. From his perspective, writing is not only a personal hobby, but also an irreplaceable part in his entrepreneurship… Through decades of trials and tribulations, his entrepreneurship, business ideas, cultural quality and benevolence feelings are highly recognized in the county, the province, the country and even the whole industry. Steeping out of a shabby temporary shed, he has gone through all the setbacks without breaking, occupied international market, run domestic and overseas sales, built Xilin brand from nothing, and created a world legend in industrial vehicle manufacturing industry. This year, the company is handed over to his son Chujiang (current chairman). The relay baton of Ruyi is successfully passed on to the next generation. Chu Jiwang backed to the next line — “grand accomplishment, complete virtue and a perfect life, leaving a beautiful name in history.”

Chu Jiwang has created a legend of entrepreneurship with his wisdom and toughness, and Chujiang is no worse than him. A broader view, richer ideas, more innovative spirit, more professional knowledge together with a born acute sense of market— these are advantages Chujiang possesses over his father, guiding him to achieve successful transition of Ruyi company. He understands perfectly the enterprise ecology his father aims to create and the business ideal his father aims to accomplish. With efforts and struggles, he has opened his unusual path of entrepreneurship; with his actions, he has proved that the post-70s generation can step over the timeworn idea of handover, start a brand new life, and create brilliant achievements of their own era. He said, “Today, ‘intelligent’ manufacturing prevails. Therefore the core and key must be technological innovation, which provides strength for sustainable development of the enterprise.” Handing the relay baton to his son, Chu Jiwang believes that Chujiang will guide the company to embrace an even brighter tomorrow, and that Chujiang has a character good enough to carry the mission of Ruyi and pass on its culture and value system. For a family business, the establishment of a brand calls for efforts of several generations, yet they have both confidence and competence to extend this enterprise legend.

The first stage of Ruyi products is “lashings” in the 80s; the second stage is “hand pallet trucks” in the 90s; up to now, it has come to the third stage “electric industrial trucks”. Idea of innovation makes old products of Ruyi remain competitive in the market, and new products keep coming out. Currently, product innovation of Ruyi has already touched upon high-end vehicles and automated guided vehicles, and satisfactory feedbacks have been received.

Under the new circumstances, how to adapt to the new normal, stretch out new movements, and realize leaping development — these are tasks of top priority that every enterprise is facing. Newly-appointed directing manager Xie Yinghua has come up with a policy of “manage people through institutions, and do things under procedures”. Seeing it as guidance, Ruyi has adopted five scientific innovation as fundamental power source for its development — “product innovation, management innovation, quality innovation, equipment innovation and sales innovation.” Step by step, Ruyi bursts out its charms. This is the thoughtful theoretical support of the enterprise, and also the spiritual support of the enterprise that passes on from generation to generation. Without doubt, under the guidance of chairman Chujiang and managing director Xie Yinghua, Ruyi company will surly build a team of firm executive force and competitiveness, and create a new glory of Ruyi.

Ruyi is an enterprise of high and new technology, professional in manufacturing mechanical and electrical exportation products including forklifts, electric trucks, electric stackers and hand pallet trucks. Over the 33 years, Ruyi keeps creating new miracles in the field of transportation and renewing records of exportation. At present, Ruyi products have been exported to 156 countries and regions all around the world; “Xilin” brand has been registered in nearly 80 countries and regions worldwide; it has also hosted to draft national standard GB/T26947-2011 for hand pallet trucks and national standard GB/T27543-2011 for manual lift table trucks etc.

“Five persistence” is regarded as constitution of Ruyi: persisting in economic benefits as the core and striving for stable development; persisting in replacing human force with machines, replacing labor with intelligence; persisting in technological innovation as the core, and carving out new markets; persisting in importing new sales ideas, promoting inland and overseas sales to a higher level; persisting in enterprise culture of working happily, building a new environment of Ruyi. History of 33 years has witnessed the outstanding achievements of Ruyi, which is not only breathtaking in the more and more fierce market competition, but also answers how a private economy develops and grows by talents, and how a brand is cultivated through technological innovation.

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Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers which produce warehousing equipments such as Hand and Electric Pallet Trucks, Manual and Electric Stackers, Tow Tractors, Lift Tables, Order Pickers, Explosion-proof Trucks, Electric and Diesel/Gasoline Forklifts, Load Binders, and Hooks and so on. Ruyi possesses 700,000,000 yuan assets, with an area of 150000 square meters, including 100,000 square meters’ production plant. 70% of Ruyi’s products are exported to the EU and the USA. Our brand XILIN is well-known among 152 countries and areas.

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