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Ruyi Carried Out “Voluntary Blood Donation and Sow the Seed of Love” Activity

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Ruyi Carried Out “Voluntary Blood Donation and Sow the Seed of Love” Activity

On 19th Jan., Ruyi company carried out an activity of “voluntary blood donation and plant the seed of love” which received active response from the mass employees. Totally, more than 70 employees had taken part in this blood donation activity.

1:30 pm, the blood donation truck of Ninghai Central Blood Station was driven into Ruyi company, and very soon, it was crowded by Ruyi workers who came there to donate their blood. The medical staff for blood collection led them very patiently to fill in the list and do physical examination and explained to them the precautions before donating blood. The site was all in order without any chaos. Due to busy work, many workers managed to squeeze time to donate, thus they had to hurry back to their work with almost no time for rest. Inside the “loving cabin”, the enthusiasm of Ruyi workers was felt by everyone. For those “old-timers” who had had many experiences of blood donation, this enthusiasm was a kind of peace and easy; but for “new-timers” who were having their first try of blood donation, this enthusiasm was more of nervousness and excitement. Each process of filling the list, physical examination, preliminary screening, blood collection and certification was carried out orderly under the guidance and help of the medical staff.

Bags of crimson blood was not only life-saving, but also represented the hearts of Ruyi workers full of love and sacrifice. Ruyi workers explained that by voluntary blood donation, not only had they made contributions to the public good, but also the strong sense of social responsibility and spirit of sacrifice of Ruyi workers were embodied.

On the spot, some workers couldn’t donate their blood as they wished, because they had already donated within 6 months. Though they felt sorry, they maintained that when it would be allowed, they would make up this heart of love. This blood donation activity had lasted till 7:30 pm. Though it was late, the enthusiasm of Ruyi workers had not been reduced. But for the reason that the collected blood had to be sent to the central blood station, the medical staff persuaded the remaining workers who had not donated successfully to leave. They maintained that though they failed to donate this time, they would contribute more love in their daily lives. For a period of only 6 hours, totally more than 70 workers had donated their blood successfully, and the total amount of blood had reached 20700 ml.

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