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Ruyi Company held “Xilin Cup” fraternity competition

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Ruyi Company held “Xilin Cup” fraternity competition

To celebrate the Army Day on August 1, Ningbo Ruyi Company held “Xilin Cup” fraternity competition jointly with local troops of the county like People’s Armed Forces Department, County Reserve Artillery Battalion.

It’s always a fine tradition of Ruyi Company to support the military since 1995 when Honorary Chairman Chu Jiwang decided to returning society by supporting the military. Chu Jiwang, an outstanding veteran in China, has been cordially received by Party and state leaders for many times. He has been rated as a model of supporting the army and preferential families by Zhejiang provincial Party committee; Zhejiang Provincial People’s government and Zhejiang military region; Ruyi Company has been rated as a model enterprise for supporting the army by the Zhejiang provincial double support leading group and the Political Department of Zhejiang military region. When the Army Day is approaching, trade union of the company will go to greet the County Fire Brigade, the County Armed Police Squadron, and the xianghuashan Garrison troops in Changjie.

Chairman Chu Jiang said we would never forget the soldiers who had committed themselves to protect the country when we were made efforts to advance economic growth. The realization of a more brilliant society would come from joint effort of people and the army. Chu Jiang called on the whole society to give more care to the army and veterans.

Sports events included basketball, table tennis, badminton, billiards, darts, interesting groups, etc. The staff and soldiers of the army had joined and fought together, fully embodying the spirit of inheriting the red gene and creating brilliance together. Through the competition events participated by both the army and the people, the friendship between the army and the people can be enhanced, and the joint construction activities and fitness activities can be carried out in depth.

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