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Ruyi Granted A Condolence Payment of 160,000 on the Eve of Spring Festival

Xilin China> Press Release> Ruyi Granted A Condolence Payment of 160,000 on the Eve of Spring Festival

Ruyi Granted A Condolence Payment of 160,000 on the Eve of Spring Festival

On the eve of the spring festival, in order to alleviate the living pressure of employees with economic difficulties, the company granted a condolence payment of 160.000RMB in total from which 42 employees had benefited. On the forum, chairman Chu Jiwang managed to meet the employees face to face, even though he had been busy with receiving foreign customers, and he wished a happy new year for the employees. Xuzhen, chairperson of the Labor Union, encouraged them not to fear the difficulties, and to cheer up with the belief that all difficulties would pass away. Besides, she pointed out that we should have a grateful heart, and also carry this grateful heart to our work and life.

It is one of Ruyi’s good traditions to console employees in difficulties. On 9th,Feb., regardless of the cold, chairman Chu Jiwang, president Zhu Aifen and chairperson of the labor union Xuzhen came to visit and console employees who had been in illness and economic difficulties, and sent the condolence payment into their hands.


For each family that they visited, Chu Jiwang and Zhu Aifen asked in detail the physical conditions of the employees and also their living conditions, urging them to have a good rest and recover sooner. They encouraged the employees and their families to be strong and optimistic, and that they should tell the company if they had any trouble, and the company would try best to alleviate their worries. These employees were deeply moved by the sincere concerns from Ruyi, and they showed that they would return to their positions as soon as possible, in an effort to contribute to the development of the company.

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