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RUYI Records Visitors at CeMAT Hannover

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RUYI Records Visitors at CeMAT Hannover

As one of the leading logistics shows globally, Hannover CeMAT has already become a world-class exhibition in the industry. Being an international event, CeMAT2018 again orchestrated the main theme of intelligent logistics and Hi-technology logistics, opening a new chapter in logistics technology and equipment development.

As the leading brand of material handling mafacturers from China, Ningbo Ruyi, led by General Manager Mr. Chu Jiang, showed for the first time the “China Xilin” full range of li-ion powered pallet trucks to Hannover, Germany. In total 22 different models were showed, among them, there were complete series of lithium powered pallet trucks, hand pallet truck, lift table, manual stacker, electric stacker (single and double pallet), electric reach truck, tow tractor, order picker (low and mid lifting range), and forklift truck. Almost half of it is new models.


Worthy of note, the self newly developed li-ion powered pallet truck–CBD12W-Li attracted wide attention and ignited sensation. It is ideal choice to replace some of hand pallet truck and some of electric pallet truck. “Visitors were flocking to inquire the truck, questions such as its capability, braking mechanism, and maintenance. Ruyi has been engaged in the pioneering of combining the most advanced technology with sophisticated truck application, to bring high quality product to meet customer’s demands.” Quoted by sales manager of RUYI.


We also launched new generation of electric forklift truck—FB20R. The new FB20R has changed its past features and introduced Ruyi R&D and innovative high-power, high-torque AC drive motors, which are fully enclosed, shock-proof and moisture-proof, and can adapt to harsh environments such as cold storage. More than that, the whole truck is metal sheet covered, the body contour is beautiful and is easy to be disassembled for maintenance. The side-way rollout battery completely sinks at the bottom of the frame and has a low center of gravity, which increases the stability of the forklift’s steering.


Not only the structure being optimized, but the operating room also improved by 15%, leading to comfortable driving and less of fatigue. Side-way roll-out battery and relocated controller board also contribute to easier service.



During the exhibition, the endless wave of new customers and frequent visits by old customers have become the best rewards for everyone who has worked hard for long distances. This exhibition has produced many gratifying results. Chu Jiang, general manager, and several leading international companies discussed and made substantial progress in jointly developing the European market. At the exhibition, Ruyi engineers introduced company’s technology, salesmen listened to customers’ opinions and collected feedback from the market. According to the needs of different customers, they introduced the corresponding products and answered customer questions. High quality products and enthusiastic service won overseas customers. Thumbs up. Not only that, we also have complete technical support, around-the-clock customer service, technical and sales training, and a range of customer-specific services.


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