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Ruyi Won Two Municipal Awards

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Ruyi Won Two Municipal Awards

On 9th, Aug, Ningbo Entrepreneur Activity Day and Top 100 Enterprise Award Ceremony 2018 was held in Ningbo. It was held by Ningbo Enterprise Federation, Entrepreneur Association and Industry and Economy League. Several excellent entrepreneurs were awarded. Managing director Chujiang had won 2018 Ningbo Municipal Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award. Four lists were disclosed including top hundred enterprises in manufacturing industry Ningbo 2018 as well as “Ningbo•Competitiveness” top 100 enterprises. Ruyi company was listed among top hundred enterprises of “Ningbo•Competitiveness”, ranking NO. 7 — 2 positions higher compared with last year; Ruyi was also listed among top hundred enterprises in manufacturing industry, ranking NO. 82 — 3 positions higher than last year. In the meeting, chairman Chu Jiwang was awarded as national excellent entrepreneur 2017-2018.


Ruyi was listed among top 10 of the top hundred enterprises, which shows trend of economic development to some extent. Though the data was only “a weapon”, we could dig valuable “gold mine” out of it. In recent years, Ruyi had been tough-minded in high and new technology and technological innovation investment; it had put great emphasis on research and development, which had been proved quite fruitful in gaining core competitiveness. Meanwhile, patented technology kept increasing, and Ruyi had been active in establishment of national standards, which reflected its attention to intellectual property right, key technology and core equipment. Ruyi had always been open to innovation, gaining more voice for itself. Only by mastering key technology and participating in establishment of national and international standards, could an enterprise gain more voice, pricing right and initiative in more and more fierce market competition. That Ruyi had ranked 3 positions higher in the top hundred manufacturing enterprise list compared with last year had strengthened its initiative and voice in market and products. From “fighting alone” to keeping an eye on world-class top technology, undoubtedly, Ruyi had become a key enterprise in industrial vehicle in domestic and even international market.


Song Yueshun, vice secretary of Municipal Committee attended the activities and gave a speech. He congratulated the award-winning enterprises and entrepreneurs and expressed his sincere thanks for all the enterprises and entrepreneurs that had been making great contribution to construction and development of Ningbo. He said that the group of entrepreneurs was an important force in modernization construction of Ningbo, therefore, they should serve for the great cause, promote excellent entrepreneurship of the new age, keep the enthusiasm, be brave to strive and create an even brighter tomorrow.


Hu Modun, Xu Yanan, Yu Weinian and other leaders of the city presented this activity.

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