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Ruyi’s Charity Day warms everyone’s heart

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Ruyi’s Charity Day warms everyone’s heart

Ruyi’s Charity Day warms everyone’s heart

There is an old saying: gifts of roses, hand there are lingering fragrance! And Paying your loving heart, gaining endless hope!  On June 1, Ruyi Company held its Charity Day activity. In 2020, Ruyi Company and its employees has donated more than 3 million yuan to the county Charity Association, and employees donated 86271.6 yuan on site. Teng Anda, county magistrate, attended the donation ceremony and delivered a speech. You Yongcheng, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and President of the county Charity Association, accepted the donation on behalf of the county Charity Association. Shen Shudan, deputy county magistrate, presented Ningbo Ruyi with a donation certificate for epidemic prevention and control.

Ruyi company has gone through 35 years of entrepreneurship. Over the past 35 years, Ruyi has donated more than 150 million yuan from Ninghai to all parts of the country and even the world, from Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu disaster area, Zhouqu disaster area to the epidemic in 2020, from fire control, education, medical treatment, to individuals with difficulties. Charity is not simply giving, but the inheritance of good love. Ruyi Company has been sparing no effort to advocate and practice charity. This year is the 8th year to carry out Ruyi employees’ donation activities.

Ruyi Company has been rated as a National Labor Model Harmonious Enterprise, a National Civilized unit, a National Model Worker’s Home, and China’s Quality and Integrity Enterprise. Chu Jiwang, the founder of the company, has also won the highest national Charity Award – China Charity Award.

In the face of the sudden epidemic in 2020, Ruyi will not forget their original intention, make concerted efforts to firmly shoulder the social responsibility, and pass on the love again. It donated 1.1 million yuan to actively participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic the first time. The public sees Ruyi’s great love and responsibility again!

At the donation ceremony, Ruyi Company donated 1 million yuan to Jiwang Medical Aid Fund of the county Charity Association, donated 2 million yuan to Ruyi Charity Fund of the county Charity Association for poverty alleviation and social public welfare undertakings, and 86271.6 yuan from Charity Day donation of employees.

The company also set up various kinds of named funds, such as “Environmental Sanitation Fund”, “Love Fund” and “Inspirational Fund”, which are specially used for the poor groups in our county, which has played a good role in promoting the charity of our county.

On behalf of the county Party committee and the county government, Teng Anda, the county magistrate, fully affirmed the love and kindness of Ruyi Company. and Chu Jiwang. Teng Anda stressed that charity is a great cause that benefits the country and the people, and needs the extensive participation of all sectors of society, especially the caring enterprises. At the same time, he put forward three expectations: first, stick to the original intention. It is hoped that the majority of caring enterprises will find opportunities for development in the “crisis” of the epidemic, continue to carry forward the spirit of daring to forge ahead and work hard, entrepreneurship and innovation, and make concerted efforts, so as to take a good road of high-quality development and create greater social value; second, looked out for one another. We should continue to take the initiative to undertake social responsibility to ensure that no one is left behind on the road to a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. We should vigorously promote the charity culture, guide the whole society to care for, support and participate in charity, so as to contribute to the construction of “Double Excellence” Ninghai at a high level.

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