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Senior forklift drivers form the Yangtze River cities competed in Ninghai

Xilin China> Press Release> Senior forklift drivers form the Yangtze River cities competed in Ninghai

Senior forklift drivers form the Yangtze River cities competed in Ninghai

2020 “Ruyi Xilin Cup” Professional Skill Contest of Forklift Drivers from Cities across the Yangtze River, sponsored by Ningbo Ruyi Company, had a grand opening in Ninghai International Exhibition Center. 36 senior forklift drivers from 12 teams proactively participated in this game.

Guided by the general principle of “Anti-COVID 19, improve skill, safeguard production, advance development”, this completion required participants to finish forklift knowledge assessment as well as practical operation. In the competition, experienced drivers ran all out to finish hard missions by operating the forklift skillfully, which won continuous applause from audience. After fierce competition, Ningbo Team won the first prize. Zhe Jianhui, from Ruyi Company won the third prize. Top 3 drivers received a tile of “Zhejiang Golden Blue Collar”.

Ruyi Company has been the major initiator and sponsor of the forklift drivers’ competition for 4 years in a row. The game, from Ninghai County to Ningbo City to Zhejiang Province to along Yangtze River cities, has gained expansion both in its scale and influence. Embracing 4 years’ development, the competition has had its own characteristic featured by high skill standards and perfect practical skills. It offers a platform both to strength drivers’ capability for solving real problems in work and to improve their driving skills.

In response to the trend of economic transformation, experienced engineers, skillful technicians and high quality talents are in urgent need. Forklift driver competition embarks on effort to provide the young without diploma a way to accomplish themselves with high forklift driving skills, which helps society build a positive view of learning practical skills, inspires more young people to learn professional skills.

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