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Shining Stars of Craftsmen–Ruyi Held Commendation Meeting 2017

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Shining Stars of Craftsmen–Ruyi Held Commendation Meeting 2017

On 11th of May, the commendation meeting for 2017 was held in Ruyi with the theme of “Shining stars of craftsmen”. Chairman Chu Jiwang, president Zhu Aifen and general manager Chujiang gathered there together with other leaders and workers.


After a wonderful opening video, Chujiang gave a speech. First of all, he made a summary report of the previous German exhibition, and highly praised three fruits of the exhibition. He expressed that through the product exhibition, Ruyi got the opportunity to communicate with customers from all over the world face to face, and our products had been recognized. Secondly, young engineers went abroad to widen their view and learn from peers. Thirdly, through this exhibition, we got quite a lot of orders. He further maintained that the reason why Ruyi could achieve the excellent results in 2017 when the economy was not so promising was the effort of every Ruyi worker. It was the joint effort of Ruyi people that got it to a broader platform. Chu Jiwang congratulated the departments and persons who won the awards, and encouraged them to continue to make more progress in 2018. Though his words were brief, they were sincere and refreshing.


Altogether, more than 600 persons were awarded, and the prize value added up to more than 700, 000 RMB. Chu Jiwang, Zhu Aifen, Chujiang and other leaders presented the certificates and prizes respectively to the advanced teams, advanced groups, model workers, advanced workers, technology innovators, industrial designers, Xilin cup technology award winners, excellent vanguard workers and so on.


This commendation meeting became an opportunity for every Ruyi worker to examine his work in 2017, and gave the workers a clear sense of direction in this new year. We strive for excellence, not for the awards, but in everyday practices. In 2018, Ruyi will have a new position, focus on a new mission, trigger new functions and carve out new paths. Together, we strive for a brighter future of Ruyi!

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