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Where My Heart Settles, Where My Home Is! -to the stay put employees

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Where My Heart Settles, Where My Home Is! -to the stay put employees

As a Chinese poem goes “ All alone in the foreign land, I feel twice as homesick on the day”. Being the most significant traditional festival of China, Spring Festival should have been a holiday for families gathering together. However, facing the onslaught of COVID-19 pandemic, the government called for returnees stay-put in Ninghai. On response to the prevent and control policies of the government, Ruyi company advocated employees to spend this Spring Festival in Ninghai.

As the advocator, Ruyi company sent warm greetings as well as presents to stay-put employees:

1500 yuan bonus was given to each employee who chose to stay in Ninghai; Year-end gifts were given in advance.

The company purchased kitchen tools for stay-put employees to enjoy meals during the Spring Festival. What’s more, vegetables and meal worthy 300yuan were provided to everyone.

Traditional stickers like antithetical couplets were sent to stay-put employee.

Library, Pingpong and table tennis rooms would be open for entertainment the whole day during Spring Festival holiday.

Employee caring hotlines were always available to provide assistance. They are 281292, 280513, 288396.

Quotes from stay put employees

Xu, a 17 years’ worker from the Welding Workshop decided to stay put in Ninghai. He said: “Thank you Ruyi for the stay-put bonus. It is hearty caring from Ruyi, plus the spreading COVID 19 outbreak make me to stay.”

Liu, a young post-90s worker of the Forklift Workshop said: “ an old poem reads ‘all alone in the foreign land, I feel twice as homesick on the day.’ But Ruyi makes me feel home.”

Kuang, a technical engineer said: “ I still remember after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in the Spring Festival of 2020, we experienced strict quarantine at home. This year, I make a decision to stay in the company. What Ruyi has done for the stay-put employees makes me feel warm. I can see families and visit relatives through the internet.”

Where my heart settles, where my home is!

We choose to stay-put for a better reunion in the near future.

Do not send a message to your family to tell them that you are in peace and safety.

Warm greetings, kind caring, hearty presents…This is how Ruyi had acted out its responsibilities on the way to employees’ happiness. We would stay committed to pursue more favorable work environment and happier life in 2021.

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