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“Xilin” Forklift Lends a Helping Hand to Ningbo First Forklift Contest

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“Xilin” Forklift Lends a Helping Hand to Ningbo First Forklift Contest



On 23th June, Ningbo “Ruyi Cup” contest of professional forklift driver welcome its curtain-up. Altogether, 45 competitors of 15 teams from all over the city had given a forklift version of “The Fast and the Furious”, trying their best to be “king of forklift”.


This contest was co-hosted by Ningbo Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau and Ningbo Federation of Trade Union, and presented by Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock CO., Ltd. It aimed to further promote the awareness of the safety of special equipment, cultivate the craftsmanship which always strived to make it better, and to breed the fine atmosphere of learning skills, advocating skills and improving skills. It was also the first forklift contest in Ningbo.


This contest was really thrilling. The competitors devoted all of their concentration, drove the forklift skillfully, and fulfilled each movement accurately, prudently and effortlessly along the specified path. The audience cheered for their wonderful performance and applauses could be heard from time to time.


The fierce competition had lasted for about 5 hours. Wang Qinglin from Ninghai team won the first prize for personal performance, and Ningbo Ruyi wom the second prize for teamwork. The top 2 competitors would be recommended with the honorary title “Ningbo Technical Experts”.


This contest provided a stage for operators of special equipment, which improved their professional quality, their awareness of safety and capacity of accident avoidance. Through such a contest, the operators had harvested greater sense of honor and initiative.

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