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Electric Stock Tractor – QDD25R

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Electric Stock Tractor

QDD25R Stock Tractor is featuring a 264x181mm/10.4×7.1 inch cargo deck and 2200kgs/4840lbs towing capacity, which is built to work its way through the narrow aisles place, widely used in factory, dock and warehouse.


  • Small & exquisite figure, low noise, environmentally friendly.
  • Narrow body of  small turning radius,  especially suitable for narrow aisle.
  • Available with optional ladder on the back for picking orders from the second and third shelf level. 4 Step ladder and 6 step ladder allows operator to pick up goods from high places quickly and easily.
  • With rubber mat in the front compartment, avoid hitting the knee of operator during operation.
  • The single pedal for accelerator and brake, safety and easy to operate.
  • The ergonomics steering console is easily for operator to place packages from the shelves to the platform without interference from the console or the steering wheel.
  • With H type driving axle. Make truck operation in high stability; and it is easy and convenient for the replacement and maintenance of the driving wheel.
  • Combining hand brake with foot brake, which improves the safety performance of the truck.
  • Side-way battery (optional)
Model QDD25R
 Drive type battery
 Operation type Standing
Rated traction weight  Kg/lbs 2200/4840
 Length  L(mm/inch) 2224/88
Width  W(mm/inch) 770/30.3
 Backrest height h(mm/inch) 1385/54.5
 Ladder height h1(mm/inch) 2815/111
Pedal height h3(mm/inch) 238/9.4
 Height of deck h2(mm/inch) 627/24.7
 Deck size AxW(mm/inch) 1420×770/56×30.3
 Turning radius  Wa(mm/inch) 1280/50.4
Tavel speed,unladen/laden kw/h 12/7
 Wheels, number front rear (x=driven wheels) 1/2x
Type size front/rear 15×41/2-8
Load capacity  Kg/lbs 450/990
 Battery voltage/nominal capacity V/AH 24/210
Service weight  Kg/lbs 560/1235
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