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Explosion-proof Tractor- QSD100Ex

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Explosion-proof Tractor



Our innovated Explosion-proof AC Powered Tractor QSD100Ex with big capacity 10000kg Mainly used in
most used in petroleum and chemical production sites, such as petroleum, chemical, military, paper, medicine, ammunition depots and dangerous goods warehouses.

CQDEx AC type Electric forklift approved with Explosion-proof mark: Exsd II BT4,
explosion-proof equipment for Category 2G, Offer high safety functions according international standards.

• Explosion-proof special power device.

• Special sealed battery

• Explosion-proof special Cable connection.

• Explosion-proof AC Frequency Oil Pump motor.

• Explosion-proof AC Frequency Traction motor.

• Explosion-proof Controller of Industrial trucks.

• Explosion-proof Operating box of Industrial trucks.

• Explosion-proof electric horn of Industrial trucks.

• Explosion-proof Accelerator box of Industrial trucks.

• Explosion-proof lights of Industrial trucks.

• Explosion-proof Signal lamp of Industrial trucks.

• Explosion-proof Traveling Switch (two).

Drive type Electric
Operation type Seat
Rated traction weight(60 minutes rated) kg 10000
Rated traction(60 minutes rated) N/kg 2500/250
Max. traction(5 minutes rated) N/kg 10000/1000
Drawbar center height h1/h2(mm) 320/400
Weight kg 2190
Axle loading, front kg 750
Axle loading, rear kg 1440
Tyre number front/rear X=Driven wheels 2/2X
Tyre size, front solid rubber 5.00-8-10PR Ex
Tyre size, rear solid rubber 6.50-10-12PR Ex
Wheelbase L1(mm) 1320
Rear hanging distance L2(mm) 600
Tread,front W2(mm) 920
Tread,rear W1(mm) 970
Seat  height h3(mm) 1050
Overall length L (mm) 2485
Overall width W(mm) 1160
Overall height h (mm) 1480
Approach angle α1 ≥38°
Departure angle α2 ≥30°
Min. ground height X   (mm) 138
Min. turning radius Wa  (mm) 2200
Travel speed, laden km/h 6.5
Travel speed, unladen km/h 12
Max. gradeability,laden % 6
Max. gradeability,unladen % 15
Brake Mechanical, Hydraulic
Voltage V 48
Capacity Ah 540
Battery weight kg 950
Travel control Microcomputer mosfet
Average noise dB(A) 68
Traction bolt Traction bolt
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