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Ruyi Visited Armies Around Ninghai

On the eve of Army Construction Day of August 1st, as its practice, Ruyi company visited army officers and soldiers in County Public Security Frontier Corps, Ninghai PAP Squadron, an army in Xidian, County Fire Department, Navy Radar Station in Xianghua Mountain, County Artillery Battalion of Reserve […]Read more

“Xilin” Forklift Lends a Helping Hand to Ningbo First Forklift Contest

    On 23th June, Ningbo “Ruyi Cup” contest of professional forklift driver welcome its curtain-up. Altogether, 45 competitors of 15 teams from all over the city had given a forklift version of “The Fast and the Furious”, trying their best to be “king of forklift”.   […]Read more

China Xilin Held Its Meeting — Online to Offline Interconnected Development

On 29th June, all personnel from China Xilin inland sales department gathered at Ruyi headquarter to participate in the meeting of “China Xilin Online to Offline Interconnected Development”. The attendees include Xue Xiaodong, board director and Gu Zicheng, chief inspector of inland sales department.   To begin […]Read more

Enriching Enterprise Culture and Strengthening Teamwork — Ruyi Literary and Sport Art Festival 2018 Ended Successfully

With the last badminton match witnessing its winner, Ruyi Literary and Sport Art Festival 2018 ended successfully.   This festival had lasted for a month, and altogether more than 300 workers had participated in the matches of forklift, badminton, basketball, table tennis, darts, calligraphy, drawing, shooting, top-10 […]Read more

Chu Jiwang, Chairman of Ningbo Ruyi, Was Awarded with the Title “National Excellent Entrepreneur of 2017-2018”, the Only One in Ningbo

On the morning of 6th, June, 2018 Chinese Entrapreur Annual Meeting and Commendation Meeting for National Excellent Entrepreneurs was held in Jiangyin of Jiangsu province. Chu Jiwang, chairman of Ningbo Ruyi, was awarded with the title “national excellent entrepreneur of 2017-2018”. Leader of CEC (China Enterprise Confederation) […]Read more

Chu Jiwang Was Invited to Entrepreneur Conference and Given A Speech

On 14th May, the “Change, Quality, Efficiency, Innovation” conference curtained up in Changzhou. This conference was hosted by Zhong Qisi Idea Tank and organized by Changzhou the Fourth Pharmacy Company. Over 200 well-known entrepreneurs from all over the country presented. Li Yizhong, former minister of Ministry of […]Read more

Shining Stars of Craftsmen–Ruyi Held Commendation Meeting 2017

On 11th of May, the commendation meeting for 2017 was held in Ruyi with the theme of “Shining stars of craftsmen”. Chairman Chu Jiwang, president Zhu Aifen and general manager Chujiang gathered there together with other leaders and workers.   After a wonderful opening video, Chujiang gave […]Read more

Chu Jiwang Conducted Poverty-Alleviation in West of Guizhou Province with Delegation of the Party and Governemnt

From 4th to 6th of May, Zheng Shanjie, member of the provincial standing committee and municipal party secretary, led the delegation of Ningbo party and government to visit Qianxi Nanzhou in Guizhou province. Wei Guonan, vice governor of Guizhou province, and Liu Wenxin, party secretary of Qianxi […]Read more

Chu Jiwang Gave A Speech at Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Career College

On 9th May, Chairman Chu Jiwang gave a speech at Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Career College as invited, centering on business and patriotism.   Through vivid examples, Chu explained the way to love our country when engaged in business, and the way to pursue a dignified life […]Read more

RUYI Records Visitors at CeMAT Hannover

As one of the leading logistics shows globally, Hannover CeMAT has already become a world-class exhibition in the industry. Being an international event, CeMAT2018 again orchestrated the main theme of intelligent logistics and Hi-technology logistics, opening a new chapter in logistics technology and equipment development. As the […]Read more

Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers which produce warehousing equipments such as Hand and Electric Pallet Trucks, Manual and Electric Stackers, Tow Tractors, Lift Tables, Order Pickers, Explosion-proof Trucks, Electric and Diesel/Gasoline Forklifts, Load Binders, and Hooks and so on. Ruyi possesses 700,000,000 yuan assets, with an area of 150000 square meters, including 100,000 square meters’ production plant. 70% of Ruyi’s products are exported to the EU and the USA. Our brand XILIN is well-known among 152 countries and areas.

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