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Rider Electric Pallet Stacker- CDDK15-I/CDDK15-II/CDDK15-III

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Rider Stacker 




●AC Motor eliminates of carbon brush replacement.

●Multi-function display is easy to maintain.

●Side way battery is easy to maintain.

●Damping cushion for low-noise operation.

●Emergency reversing device equipped handle to keep safe.

●Auto deceleration function makes operation more safely.

●Built-in pressure relief valve protects the trucks from overloads, increases the reliability.

●With in handle upright and horizontal position, increasing the safety of the truck.

●Emergency power disconnect switch.

●Turtle-shaped low speed switch.

●Stepless speed control.

Optimum structural design:

●Low barycenter ensures the stable operation.

●Vertical driving wheel ensures convenient maintenance and small turning radius. Water-proof and dust-proof motor more durable and reliable.

●The mast and the frame are dividable and exchangeable.

●Full free lifting, fit for low roof  house. (The lifting height is 3 meters, can enter into a 2-meter height door).


●Low voltage protection setting prolongs the battery use time.

●The electronic components’ concentrated design simplifies the circuit and makes easily access to assemble, debug and maintaining

●CANbus technology reduces wiring complexity and increase reliability.

●Hall element reduces wear components, resulting in increased component life.

Model CDDK15-Ⅰ CDDK15-Ⅱ CDDK15-Ⅲ
Load capacity/rated load Q(kg) 1500 1500 1500
Load centre distance c(mm) 600 600 600
Load distance,centre of drive axle to fork x(mm) 672 672 697
Fork height, lowered h13(mm) 85 85 90
Tyre size, front mm φ250×70 φ250×70 φ250×70
Tyre size, rear mm φ80×84 φ80×84 φ80×70
Additional wheels(dimensions) mm φ150×60 φ150×60 φ150×60
Wheels,number front rear

(x=driven wheels)

1x+2/4 1x+2/4 1x+2/4
Height,mast lowered h1(mm) 1735/1985/2135/2235






Free lift

(option 2500~3500mm)

h2(mm) 1300/1550/1700/1800




Max. Lift height h3(mm) 2500/3000/3300/3500






Height,mast extended h4(mm) 2955/3455/3755/3955






Height of tiller in drive

position min./max.

h14(mm) 1150/1450 1150/1450 1150/1450
Overall length l1(mm) 2020/2100 2020/2100 2025
Length to face of forks l2(mm) 950 950 920
Overall width b1(mm) 850 850 850
Fork dimensions s/e/l(mm) 60/180/1070(1150) 60/180/1070(1150) 60/170/1070


Width overall forks b5(mm) 570/695 570/695 570/695
Aisle width for pallets

800×1200 lengthways

Ast(mm) 2515 2515 2520
Turning radius Wa(mm) 1655 1655 1655
Travel speed,laden/unladen Km/h 6.5/6.7 6.5/6.7 6.5/6.7
Lift speed,laden/unladen m/s 0-0.12/0-0.19 0.11/0.14 0.06/0.13
Lowering speed,laden/unladen m/s 0-0.35/0-0.12 0.12/0.12 0.13/0.10
Battery voltage,nominal capacity K5 V/Ah 24/300 24/240 24/300


Battery weight kg 260 220 260 160
Battery dimensions    l/w/h mm 675x254x540 675x254x500 675x254x540 (option) 800x254x320
Service weight (with battery) kg 1330/1340/1350/1370






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