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Model CBD15M is Really Reliable.

I am using your pallet truck with model CBD15M ( Capa. 1500 kg & weight 230kg ) more than 10 years ago in Korea and it’s great for me inside work of container or small warehouse etc.

– a customer from Thailand

Nice Truck, Good Cooperation, Great Magazine

I’m pleased to inform you that we have received our first order. Trucks are really nice and I believe that the customers will like them too. Thank you for the good co operation so far, and by the way the magazine you sent with the documents was really a kind gesture.

– a customer from Bulgaria

CBD 15W Sells Well, and in Want of Other Series

CBD15W have been selling well. Now I am interested in other products. Please kindly send me the samples. I am waiting for them eagerly.

– a customer from Ecuador

What a Great Service!

I can hardly put it into words to express my gratefulness for the kind help of you and your company. The good service, the professional persons. Oh! Thanks again in deep!

– a customer from Mexico

Pleasing Business, Fine JF, Professional Engineer

Thank you for your reply and kind thoughts, and you make our business partner working with Ningbo Ruyi so pleasure. One note of positive information, the Ningbo Ruyi MANUAL SCISSOR LIFT UNIT MODEL.
Number “JF” is a fine product and many of our customers are repeat buyers.
Ningbo Ruyi engineers have built and improved a quality product.

– a customer from America

Totally Trust in RUYI Quality

I totally trust in RUYI’s quality, and I would like to buy from RUYI, but the competition here in Colombia market is very huge.
So I ask your support and giving us some discount.

– a customer from Colombia

Xilin Brand is Famous in Russian Federation

We would like to thank Ningbo Ruyi for the long and successful relationship with hopes on further improving our relation for mutual development.
We are applying all our efforts for promoting Xilin products in Russia Federation. Nowadays, Xilin brand is well known on the whole territory of Russian Federation. We would like to say more, we know many examples when unfair sellers try to offer their products, exported from other suppliers, under Xilin brand.

– a customer from Russia

Interested in New Order

Thanks for your response.
I just checked my balance and is correct your statement.
I have to tell you AGAIN, about your kindness, professionalism, patience and trust from your side on our new born business.
As I told you before, we are very eager to continue our partnership, so in order to proceed with it. We are interested in a new order, to be done in 1 40HC container.
The details of it I will send you next Monday or Tuesday.
Hoping that you receive this mail with the kindest regards.

– a customer from Ecuador

Sweet Congratulation and Best Wishes for Ruyi.

We have a pleasure to congratulate the whole staff of Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co. Ltd. on the day of company foundation.
More than 20 years’ manufacture experience is the best proof of company’s stability and success, which are fully reflected in amenities you give your final customers throughout these years.
We wish you sparkling achievements which will be a result of firm health and harmony in your families.

– a customer from Russia

Pleased with Quality and Warm Hope.

We are pleased with the quality of your hand pallet trucks very much.
Our dealer in Voronezh even give the pump lifetime guarantee to their clients !
We hope for future mutual cooperation and friendship !

– a customer from Russia

Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers which produce warehousing equipments such as Hand and Electric Pallet Trucks, Manual and Electric Stackers, Tow Tractors, Lift Tables, Order Pickers, Explosion-proof Trucks, Electric and Diesel/Gasoline Forklifts, Load Binders, and Hooks and so on. Ruyi possesses 700,000,000 yuan assets, with an area of 150000 square meters, including 100,000 square meters’ production plant. 70% of Ruyi’s products are exported to the EU and the USA. Our brand XILIN is well-known among 157 countries and areas.

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