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Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co.,Ltd(hereinafter abbreviated RUYI) guarantees new products on materials and quality as follows.


1 .1  RUYI will supply replacement parts or repair them free of charge,which are proved to be defective on materials or quality during warranty period when users properly operate under normal working conditions.

l.2 RUYI only guarantees its products .Other indirect loss during operation by users is not in the range of this warranty such as stopping work,extra expenditure, reputation injury,etc.

1.3 This warranty excludes all special requirements which are beyond the instruction and the contract.


2.1 The warranty limit begins from the date when RUYI’s products arrive at the destination port of the buyer.

2.2 RUYI warrants the following parts for 1 year or 2,000 hours of use(till they expire)including Engine  ,Hydraulic transmission,Torque converter Driving axle assembly,Steering axle assembly.E1ectric-controller,Traction  motor, Lifting motor and Steering motor However, the warranty limit is 6 months or 1000 hours (till they expire)for the following parts.

2 2.l Accessories for engine,like Carburetor,Air-filter,Alternator,Governor,LPG device.Turbo Charger Housing of flywheel and Gear washer of flywheel,etc.

2.2.2 Assembly of brake drum and hub,Brake and Rim

2.3 RUYI warrants all the parts except the parts listed in Item 2. 2 and in the following Item 5 for 6months or 1000 hours of use(till they expire).


When asking for free replacement parts during the warranty limit,the user should offer clear photos of broken parts and a written report describing the reason and course with the signature of the concerned person to RUYI for confirmation. The user should return the broken parts to RUYI for further confirmation if RUYI asks, than the free replacement parts can be supplied after confirmation.


Within the warranty limit and conforming to this warranty,all the defective parts can be repaired and replaced after confirmation by RUYI.


5.1 Parts beyond the period of warranty or don’t conform to this warranty.

5.2 Don’t operate and maintain according to the instruction or damage caused by improper maintenance and overload use.

5.3 Wrong operation because of lack of operation skills,quality problems caused by improper use, unexpected accidents or other force majeure from natural disaster.

5.4 Damages caused by modification and repair made by users themselves which are not approved by RUYI in advance.

5.5 Damages caused by not using the genuine RUYI’s parts.

5.6 Damages caused by external reasons,for example,external collision and liquid splash and corrosion of atmosphere or other chemicals.

5.7 Parts which can be repaired by easy adjustment and resume their functions.

5.8 Normal wear of consumable parts and relevant maintenance expense.

Consumable parts include:

5.8.l Various oil and filter,such as working oil,lubrication oil,frostbite proof liquid,electrolyte,brake oil.Cores of oil filter of engine,air filter,fuel filter,hydraulic oil filter,and other similar consumable parts which need be maintained and replaced within the warranty period.

5.8.2  Electric  parts:A. socket and plug,wiring cluster,distributor B. distributor of engine, ignition coil, starter C. fuse D. lights(including bulbs)E. parts with contacts:all kinds of relays(start-up,interim and safety relays)F. all kinds of switches(brake,steering,reversing,lights,neutral, pre-heating)G. pre-heating plug, spark plug.

5.8.3 Other consumable parts such as: tyres, friction plates,brake shoe,fan belt,nozzle,seals, seal washers, piston ring,glass products,nuts,bolts,washers,spacers, etc

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