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Ruyi: Iconic Industry Leader

In Chinese, “Ruyi” refers to a jade object symbolizing good luck, with the power to dispel the evil. As a company, Ruyi has become a leader in the logistics equipment industry. After painstaking struggles over the past 37 years, Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co., Ltd. has evolved from a small workshop without funds and equipment into the global “king of pallet truck.”

Over the past 37 years, Ruyi has earned a sterling reputation both domestically and internationally for its quality products. More importantly, it represents the spirit of Chinese entrepreneurs and the essence of traditional Chinese culture, which nourishes the soul of the company.


 Ningbo Ruyi was rated as a National Model Unit of Harmonious Labor Relations.


Ningbo Ruyi fully implemented containment measurements after the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic and donated 1.1 million yuan to Wuhan province through the Ninghai Charity Federation.


SAP management system was officially launched in Ningbo Ruyi.


Chu Jiwang was awarded as an outstanding contributor of construction machinery industry in the 70th anniversary of the founding of China.


Ningbo Ruyi’s second branch plant was officially put into operation, mainly producing electric pallet trucks and electric stackers.


Ningbo Ruyi was rated as a National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise.


CBD15W researched and developed by Ningbo Ruyi won the German RedDot design award. In April of the same year, CBD15W won German IF design award again. Electric stacker CDD10R-E won the two tiles too.


Ningbo Ruyi took the lead around Zhejiang province in passing the certification of Intellectual Property Management System.


Ningbo Ruyi, as the first one in the industry of warehouse and logistic equipment, won the title of National Export Inspection Free.


Ningbo Ruyi donated 2.73 million yuan at first time after the Wenchuan earthquake under Chu Jiwang’s leadership.


Chu Jiwang was awarded the honorary title of the first China Charity Award by Ministry of Civil Affairs.


Ningbo Ruyi joint hands with German Jungheinrich to found Joint Venture Between Ningbo Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co, LTD and Jungheinrich AG.


Jiwang Medical Aid Fund,Ningbo Jiwang Poverty Relief Fund and Ninghai Ruxi Mecical AidFund were established. Accumulated donated amount has reached 18,000,000 yuan so far, and 1 million yuan will continue to be invested every year. This money is used to solve the problem of difficulty for some college freshmen from poor families to go to school, help them enter the University smoothly, and solve their urgent needs.


Annual output of hydraulic pallet truck reached 500,000 pieces.


   The first electric truck was produced.


Newspaper Ningbo Ruyi Monthly started.


The book How to Deal with Foreign Business by Chu Jiwang was first published in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.


Mr.Chu Jiwang was honored the title of “National Outstanding Veteran”, and received by Chairman Jiang Zemin and other leaders of the Party and the State.(The sixth from right in the second row is Mr. Chu Jiwang)


Ningbo Ruyi, being the first one in the industry of warehouse and logistic equipment, passed the German GS certificate.


“XILIN” trademark was registered.


The first hand pallet truck was developed. In the same year, Chu Jiwang, Chairman of Ningbo Ruyi attended the logistics industry exhibition for the first time in the U.S.A.


Ninghai No.9 Plastic Factory, predecessor of Ningbo Ruyi, was founded.


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