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3 Wheel Electric Forklift


● Using Ruyi self developed rear wheel driven design, with stable quality, small turning radius, and very good pass through abilities.
● Rated capacity is 1500kg with side shift, all panels use steel plate with compact appearance and good durability.
● All panels and covers are made by steel, they are in good durability.
● With Sideway battery moving system, it is easy for battery changing.
● Two lifting cylinder on both side of mast, ensure good visibility and high stability.
● Using rubber wheel with good shock proof, low noise suitable for indoor and outdoor use on different ground.
● Rear driving system, smart design with small turning radius and goods pass through, have good performance.
● Use AC motor without brush , free of maintenance.
● High gradeability up to 10% with full laden.
● The electric brake is used as the parking brake, which is easy to operate and safe.
● Use hydraulic power steering is for light steering, have the function of steering priority.
● Have option of cold-storage, full AC control system.


Drive   Rear Wheel Drive
Operation type   seated
Capacity/rated load Q(kg) 1500
Load centre distance c(mm) 500
Load distance, centre of drive axle to fork x(mm) 170
Wheelbase y(mm) 1348
Axle loading, laden front/rear Kg 3280/710
Axle loading, unladen front/rear(with max battery) Kg 975/1525
Tyre size, front super elastic solid tires 305X140
Tyle size, rear super elastic solid tires 285X160
Wheels, number front   2
Wheels, number rear   1
Tread, front b10(mm) 912
Tread, rear b11(mm) 0
Tilt of mast/fork carriage forward ° 2
Tilt of mast/fork carriage backward   5
Height, mast lowered h1(mm) 1980(3m)
Free lift h2(mm) option
Lift height h3(mm) 2500-5600
Height, mast extended h4(mm) 3500-6600
Overall width b1(mm) 1055
Fork thickness s(mm) 35
Fork width e(mm) 100
Fork length l(mm) 950(1070)
Fork carriage din 1573, calss/type A,B   A
Fork-carriage width b3(mm) 680
Ground clearance, laden, below mast m1(mm) 68
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase m2(mm) 68
Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crossways Ast(mm) 3050
Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthways Ast(mm) 3150
Turning radius Wa(mm) 1550
Travel speed, laden/unladen km/h 6.8/7
Lift speed, laden/unladen mm/s 100/150
Climbing capacity, laden/unladen % 10/10
System pressure bar 140
Battery voltage V 24
Battery capacity Ah 320(400)
Battery weight kg 300
Sound level at the driver's ear acc.to din 12053 Db(A) 68
Service weight (without battery) Kg 2500


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