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  • Double Decker Pallet Truck  CBD20S/CBD20S-III
  • Double Decker Pallet Truck  CBD20S/CBD20S-III
  • Double Decker Pallet Truck  CBD20S/CBD20S-III


Double Decker Pallet Truck

● The CBD20S, with small turning radius and lowest height (1.08~1.38m), offers Double pallet Initial lifting, with Initial lift have 120mm lift to easily negotiate over ramps and bridging plates as well as the ability to transport a 2000kg load, widely used in low shelves warehouse and small supermarket etc.
  • Double Decker Pallet Truck  CBD20S/CBD20S-III
  • Double Decker Pallet Truck  CBD20S/CBD20S-III
  • Double Decker Pallet Truck  CBD20S/CBD20S-III


● Carry two pallets at one single time.
● The tiller head is equipped with an emergency reverse direction switch, which provides safer operation.
● Built-in pressure relief valve protects the truck from overload, and increases the truck's safety.
● Stepless speed control and turtle speed switch.
● Vertical driving wheel offers small turning radius.
● Dividable and exchangeable mast.
● Adjustable floating balance wheel is resistant to wear and stable.
● Sliding rail connects the moving part of the front and rear, makes lifting and lowering stable.
● Hall-effect throttle control eliminates ware components and prolongs its use time.
● The balance wheel is detachable, convenient to maintain.
● Integral and modularized electrical system makes the maintenance of the electrical parts convenient
Standard mast types
Three-stage mast
h1 h2 h3 h4
1082 - 1600 2118
1212 - 200 2508
1382 - 2500 3018


Model   CBD20S CBD20S-III
Load capacity/rated load Q(kg) 2000 2000
Load capacity/rated load with mast lift Q(kg) 1000 1000
Load capacity/rated load with wheel arm lift Q(kg) 2000 2000
Load center distance c(mm) 600 600
Load distance, center of drive axle to fork x(mm) 831 802
Fork height, lowered h13(mm) 90 90
Tyre size, front mm φ250x70 φ250x70
Tyre size, rear mm φ80x70 φ80x70
Additional wheels(dimensions) mm φ127x57 φ127x57
wheels, number front rear(x=driven wheels)   1X+2/4 1X+2/4
Height, mast lowered h1(mm) 1082/1212/1382 -
Max. lift height h3(mm) 1600/2000/2500 800
Initial lift h5(mm) 120 120
Height of tiller in drive position min./max. h14(mm) 780/1230 780/1230
Overall length l1(mm) 1962 1760
Length to face of forks l2(mm) 862 608
Overall width b1(mm) 775 682
Fork dimensions s/e/l(mm) 60/180/1100 60/180/1150
Width overall forks b5(mm) 570/650 550
Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crossways AST(mm) 2238 1972
Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthways AST(mm) 2288 2022
Turning radius Wa(mm) 1705 1422
Travel speed,laden/unladen Km/h 4.5/5.2 6/6
Lift speed,laden/unladen m/s 0.03/0.04 0.06/0.11
Lowering speed,laden/unladen m/s 0.05/0.045 0.12/0.13
Battery voltage,nominal capacity K5 V/Ah 24/210 24/160
Battery weight Kg 196 160
Battery dimensions l/w/h mm 750x170x580 645x148x560
Service weight(with battery) Kg 950 600
1KG=2.205LB 1INCH=25.40MM
* Option: CBD20S Lithium battery 125AH (Charger 24V/50A)
CBD20S-III Lithium battery 100AH (Charger 24V/50A)
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Ningbo Ruyi was established in 1985, mainly produce Manual/Electric pallet truck, Manual/electric stacker, Reach truck, Order picker, Lift table, Tractor, Forklift and other material handling equipments.

As China Wholesale Double Decker Pallet Truck CBD20S/CBD20S-III Suppliers and ODM Double Decker Pallet Truck CBD20S/CBD20S-III company, Ningbo Ruyi adheres to the concept of synchronous development of global technology. It adopts more than 800 sets of advanced automation processes and equipment, such as laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, machining center, robot welding, automatic spraying line, etc. We have established a perfect quality inspection system and realized the modernization and digital detection.

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