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Be Grateful to Have You in the Past 35 Years

Dec 31,2020
Ruyi has managed to stride forward over the past 35 years since its inception in 1985. Building on its past achievements, Ruyi is pursuing sustainable development in the future. In the fruitful 35 years, every member and every partner have rendered valuable support to Ruyi. Embracing the moment of its 35 years’ anniversary, Ruyi held a grand year end party at Ninghai International Exhibition Center on Dec.31,2020, saluting every Ruyi’s ordinary member.

In 2020, Ruyi overcame the impact of the fluid and complex economic situation and accomplished great achievements under the leadership of Chairman Chujiang. Mr.Chu Jiang extended his New Year wishes to every employee of Ruyi and their family.

He said, “I see a time river. The newly-founded Ruyi is standing at one side of the river, while the new Ruyi is standing at the other side. They are saluting each other for all the formidable years we have been working through, for all the commends and thanks we have received. I feel grateful to all the trying or glorious time, for it bring us determined, undaunted and thankful you.

Looking back at the 35 years’ history, Ruyi has always been able to forge ahead despite risks, disasters and headwinds, and Ruyi shall and will continue to stride forward. In the future, we will keep work with solidarity and cooperation, bolstering confidence to tide over challenges for a shared future fulfilled with innovation and progress.”

In the coming performance, Ruyi’s employees presented exciting shows after months’ preparation. See the following pictures for more details.

True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, laughed together. Time passed, love remains for eternal.

The year 2020 marked not only the 35 years’ anniversary of the enterprise, but also the golden wedding celebration for the Honored Chairman Chu Jiwang and CEO Zhu Aifeng.

We spent a perfect night together to farewell 2020, a year of hardship;  brave difficulties and rush to 2021, another year of hope. Ruyi is not alone on the great way to be prosperous, with support and trust from our employees, partners, and distributors. We always hold the faith that Ruyi would continue to strive, march ahead with courage and create glory with all the great efforts from all parts. We call for everyone bearing the history in minds, cherishing the moments we are enjoying now, blessing the future for a better tomorrow!


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