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How does the electric forklift work safely?

Sep 02,2022

When the electric forklift is running, it is strictly forbidden to stand on the fork. When the electric forklift auxiliary personnel are really needed to work, they should be equipped with a special basket for the electric forklift, and the fork should be fork into the special fixing groove under the basket.

If the nature of high-altitude work is basically non-hazardous work such as inventory and labeling, the driver should not leave the electric forklift in order to provide assistance in time; if the maintenance of lamps, pipelines, etc. requires the use of metal tools, the electric forklift driver can choose to wear it. Cap, sit in the cab to assist, unrelated personnel shall not operate the electric forklift.

In principle, electric forklifts are not allowed to overtake, but when overtaking a parked vehicle, you should slow down and sound the horn and pay attention.

When driving, the height between the bottom end of the fork and the ground should be kept at 150-400mm, the mast should be tilted backward, and the whistle should be notified when there is someone ahead.

Do not lift the fork too high when driving; when entering or leaving the job site or on the way, pay attention to whether there are obstacles in the sky to scratch; when driving with loads, the forks are not allowed to be raised too high, which will affect the stability of the forklift.

It is strictly forbidden to turn off the flame and slide when the forklift is going downhill, and it is forbidden to brake suddenly while driving with loads unless there are special circumstances.

After unloading, the fork should be lowered to the normal driving position before driving.

When turning, if there are pedestrians or vehicles nearby, the driving signal should be issued first. High-speed sharp turns are prohibited. High-speed sharp turns will cause the vehicle to lose lateral stability and tip over.
When the forklift is running, it must obey the traffic rules in the factory, and it must keep a distance from the vehicle in front. When changing and lifting, do not step on and off suddenly or continuously shake.
When the forklift is running, the load must be in a low position that does not hinder the travel, and the mast should be properly tilted back. The load shall not be raised except when stacking or loading. The load height must not obstruct the driver's vision. When the items in special circumstances affect the forward vision, drive at a low speed when reversing.
It is forbidden to turn on the slope, and it is forbidden to lift and lean forward while driving.
The driving speed of the forklift in the factory area is 5 km/h, and it must be driven at a low speed when entering the production workshop area.
When the forklift lifts, lifts, or travels, it is forbidden for personnel to stand on the fork to hold items and play a balancing role.
If problems are found, they will be repaired and reported in a timely manner, and they will never operate or conceal their illnesses.


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