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Misunderstanding of cleaning electric forklifts

Sep 22,2022

Routine cleaning every week is important to ensure its reliability. Please unplug the power socket before cleaning to avoid short circuit damage to the electrical system.

During the long-term use of the electric forklift, a lot of dust and debris will accumulate, which will have a certain impact on the performance of the vehicle. It is still more important to clean the forklift regularly, and it must not be ignored during use.

Each enterprise will add relevant regulations and requirements for forklift cleaning and maintenance to the forklift operation rules and regulations, but the specific operation methods are not clear.

There are often some misunderstandings in daily cleaning, such as directly washing with water. If you clean the electric forklift in this way, it will destroy the forklift.

1. Rinse the forklift truck directly with water In order to save labor and time, the driver uses a bottled water or a water pipe to shower the forklift truck, or even rinses directly with a high-pressure water gun.

The sealing effect of electric forklifts is not better than that of automobiles. The design of electric forklifts is indoor operation, and there is no rainproof and waterproof function. We all know that circuit components are more afraid of water. After the electric forklift washes the body with water, the water will flow under the base along the body gap and the gap between the pedals, causing damage to the circuit components. First of all, there will be some "soft faults", that is, the forklift will be good and bad, and it will not be broken for a while, and it will not be repaired for a while; then the circuit components are damaged, and the forklift is "squatting" and needs to be replaced. Cooling fans, travel switches, etc., and even motor overhaul; more seriously, it will cause a short circuit in the battery or other circuits, smoke and fire during operation, and burn the forklift.

2. Do not turn off the power when cleaning the forklift

After parking, change the battery and clean, turn off the power when not operating the electric forklift. Otherwise, the forklift control switch may be accidentally triggered, resulting in an accident. It is also possible to short circuit the positive and negative electrodes of the battery or other electronic components when using a damp cloth or other metal tools. The battery voltage of the forklift truck itself exceeds the human body load, and there is a risk of electric shock.


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