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home / News / What are the characteristics of Semi-electric Stacker?

What are the characteristics of Semi-electric Stacker?

May 19,2023

A semi-electric stacker is a type of material handling equipment used for lifting and moving heavy loads. Here are the common characteristics of a semi-electric stacker:

Power Source: A semi-electric stacker combines both manual and electric power. It is typically equipped with an electric motor for lifting and lowering the load, while manual effort is required for steering and maneuvering.

Lifting Capacity: Semi-electric stackers have a specified lifting capacity, which indicates the maximum weight they can safely lift and move. The lifting capacity can vary depending on the model and design of the stacker.

Lifting Height: These stackers are designed to lift loads to a certain height. The lifting height can vary, but typically ranges from a few feet to several meters.

Forks: Semi-electric stackers are equipped with forks that extend outward and are used to support and lift the load. The forks are adjustable in width to accommodate different load sizes.

Controls: Semi-electric stackers feature controls for operating the electric lifting mechanism. These controls allow the operator to raise, lower, and stop the forks at the desired height.

Maneuverability: While the lifting mechanism is electrically powered, the stacker's movement and steering are typically manual. They are designed with wheels or casters, allowing the operator to push or pull the stacker and navigate it in various directions.

Safety Features: To ensure safe operation, semi-electric stackers are often equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety locks for the lifting mechanism, and stability-enhancing measures like anti-tip devices.

Compact Design: Semi-electric stackers are generally compact and space-efficient, making them suitable for use in narrow aisles or confined spaces. This design allows for maneuverability in tight environments.

Versatility: Semi-electric stackers can be used in various industries and settings for lifting and moving different types of loads, such as pallets, crates, and containers. They are commonly employed in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.


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