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home / News / Will you investigate the cause of the abnormal noise of the electric forklift?

Will you investigate the cause of the abnormal noise of the electric forklift?

May 19,2022
The use of electric forklifts can liberate labor when handling heavy objects. After all, manual handling of objects will be delayed in terms of physical strength and time. The emergence of electric forklifts saves labor and saves a lot of use, greatly improving the efficiency of cargo handling.
If there is a lot of goods, then the electric forklift needs to work all the time when it is fully charged, and various problems will occur after a long time of work or a long service life. Taking the abnormal noise during operation as an example, the RUYI electric forklift manufacturer will explain the reason for the abnormality.

Reasons for abnormal operation sound of electric forklift:
1. The screws of the fasteners of the electric forklift are loose, the guide wheels and rollers of the car body are seriously worn, and the gap is too large;
2. The wear gap between the chain and the pin shaft of the chain piece is too large, or the gap between the upper and lower staples of the fork and the beam of the fork frame is too large;
3. Check whether the conflict between the guide wheel, the roller and the gantry is too large. Whether the cooperation gap between the fork and the fork frame beam is too large, these factors will cause abnormal sound when the electric forklift is in use;
4. Check whether the tire screws of the electric forklift are loose, whether the bearings are damaged, etc.;
5. The gear pump of the electric forklift fails. For example, the air enters the pump from the oil suction pipe or the seal, and the resistance of the oil suction pipe is too large, or even partially blocked. The precision of the gear pump is not high, and the pump and the coupling are not on the same axis.
Repair method:
Add appropriate lubricating oil to the connection. If the abnormal noise is reduced, it means the leakage problem. Tighten the joint or directly replace the sealing ring. If there is no change, check the gear accuracy, carry out research and adjustment, and replace the gear if necessary. Check the coaxiality between the pump and the coupling, pay attention to the difference between the working state and the static state, and adjust it according to the technical requirements.
There are many reasons for the abnormal sound of electric forklifts. Forklift maintenance personnel should test and find the reasons one by one, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of abnormal sound of forklifts.


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