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Common sense of the use of electric stacker

Apr 23,2022
With the development of our industry, there are more and more requirements for the use of supporting tools in the production process. electric stacker is an important auxiliary tool for industrial production, and it is indispensable to our modern logistics handling industry. It has also brought great help to our production, but since most people do not pay attention to the relevant precautions when using electric stacker, it may cause safety accidents during use. Then, RUYI will briefly introduce the common sense of the use of electric stacker for you, hoping to help you use the car better.
1. When using this car, I hope that everyone can pay attention to the problem of work efficiency, because this society is to improve the overall work efficiency. In addition, when purchasing, I hope that everyone can choose according to their actual situation, choose the one that suits you, do not choose casually, otherwise it will be a waste. If the power is low, it will not be able to achieve fast speed when working work efficiency.
2. If the company has just purchased a batch of electric stacker, then everyone must pay attention to the operator, and must choose experienced people. In this case, it also has a protective effect on the car, otherwise, when using it, To a large extent, there will be damage to the vehicle. When the electric stacker is charged for the first time, all the batteries of the electric stacker should be unscrewed and capped before use, and the small hole seal should be removed to keep the small hole unobstructed.
Insufficient charging is strictly prohibited during initial charging. If the charging is insufficient, the battery will be insufficiently charged for a long time, which will affect the capacity of the battery and shorten the battery life of the electric stacker, so the initial charging should be cautious. During charging, the temperature of the electric liquid should not exceed 45 degrees, otherwise the charging current should be reduced, stable artificial cooling should be carried out, or charging should be suspended.
In life, with electric stacker, people's lives have become very colorful. No matter what they do, they can achieve certain work effects and greatly improve productivity.


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