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home / News / 2021 Chu Jiwang Literature Award Ceremony Were Launched Online

2021 Chu Jiwang Literature Award Ceremony Were Launched Online

Apr 14,2022

Recently, the opening ceremony of the 9th Ningbo Literature and the 2021 Chu Jiwang Literature Award Ceremony were launched online for the first time. Editor-in-chief of national famous magazines and writers' representatives gathered in the cloud.

Chu Jiwang, Honorary Chairman of Ningbo Ruyi, sent his best wishes to Ningbo Literature Week by video. He talked about his story with literature. He loved literature from an early age. No matter he was in a military camp or in the business, he would read books in his spare time. “People of Ningbo love literature and love reading. I wish Ningbo writers would have better works."

Ba Jin sculpture in Xilin garden of Ruyi Company

Vice chairman of the provincial writers' association and chairman of the municipal writers' association, said: "The selection of the winner of Chu Jiwang Literature Award has always been judged by literary giants and professionals. Two writers once won the Chu Jiwang Literature Award won Lu Xun Literature Award. "

Awarding Ceremony

The Chu Jiwang Literature Award was upgraded again this year. On the original basis, a literature fund of 10 million yuan was added, and the scale of the "fund was expanded to 20 million yuan. At the same time, the design of the medal is unique, with a gold plaque with a value of more than 30,000 yuan embedded in it, which aims at increasing the encouragement to award-winning writers and encouraging them to write better literary works.

Chu Jiwang Literature Award medal


Chu Jiwang Literature Award is a permanent annual publication award jointly created by Literature Harbor Magazine, Ningbo Ruyi Chu Jiwang and Chu Jiang. All single (group) works published in that year's Literature Harbor Magazine are selected as participating works, and two 100,000-yuan awards and five 20,000-yuan outstanding works awards are selected every year.


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