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How to overhaul the electric truck in the hot summer?

Apr 12,2022
The hot summer is coming, coupled with the hot temperature and hot weather, the failure of electric trucks will gradually increase, so you need to be reminded that electric trucks should be treated with caution in summer.
1.The electrical control system of the electric pallet truck: the electric stacker uses the brand's electrical control system, with stable performance, low failure rate, and high temperature of the electro-hydraulic electrical control system. In the hot summer, the electric stacker has a heavy workload. The load will increase. Pay attention to keep the ventilation and heat dissipation of the electric stacker to protect the normal operation of the electric control system;
2. Electromagnetic brake pads of electric forward-moving stackers: the workload is large, and when the temperature is high, the wear of the electromagnetic brake pads increases, and the electromagnetic braking capacity gradually weakens. It should be noted that the electromagnetic brake pads of the electric reach stacker should be repaired frequently, and the brake pads should be replaced in time to prevent dangerous situations during the operation of the electric stacker;

3. The hydraulic system of the electric truck: During the loading and unloading process of the all-electric truck, the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system flows back and forth, the temperature is too high, and the oil pipe explodes and oil pollution occurs. Oil leaks are prone to occur. Pay attention to the maintenance of the oil pipe of the hydraulic circuit of the electric pallet truck, and replace the hydraulic oil in the pipeline of the all-electric stacker in time, and replace it every three months;
4. The battery of the electric truck: Pay attention to the electrolyte mark of the electric forward-moving stacker, and add distilled water and electrolyte to the electric hydraulic truck to prevent the battery of the electric truck from being cut off. Please charge and replace the battery in time .


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