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Electric forklift operation introduction and how to maintain

Jun 23,2022
Function introduction of electric forklift operating system:

1. Power key - the power control switch of the electrical system. Insert the key and turn it clockwise to turn on the power and control system; when the key is turned back, turn off the power.
2. Accelerator pedal - used to control the speed. The accelerator pedal needs to be depressed slowly. Gradually depress the scooter and start accelerating, reaching speed when you hit the bottom. Lift the pedal to start decelerating. The accelerator stops working when the pedal is fully lifted.
3. Brake - used to slow down and stop.
4. Steering wheel - control the driving direction.
5. Forward/backward switch - three-position switch. Press the top part to go forward, and press the back part to go backward. The switch must be in the correct position, otherwise the rear axle and motor will be damaged.
6. Ammeter - There are 10 scales on the ammeter (between 0 and 300). During battery use, the ammeter pointer will fall from the high scale line to the low scale mark. When the power is too low, it should be charged in time.
7. Parking brake - used for parking brake.

In addition, the maintenance of the electric forklift system:
1. The wear condition of the brake pads must be checked every three months to check whether the brake pads deviate or fail to work.
2. RUYI electric forklift recommends to check whether the fixed parts of the electrical system (especially the main circuit) are loose every three months to ensure that they are in good contact. At the same time, check the contact point of the contactor and repair the fault that has been found. Use low pressure gas for dust removal.
3. When replacing the fuse, be sure to check whether the rated current of the new fuse is correct.
4. It is strictly forbidden to press down the accelerator violently and frequently, otherwise it will shorten the life of the accelerator.
5. Please do not drive at high speed when going downhill; please slow down when turning.


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