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What should we pay attention to when using electric stacker?

Jan 05,2022

As one of the biggest manufacturer of material handling equipments, NINGBO RUYI JOINT STOCK CO.LTD, we would like to introduce the electric stacker applications.

 Allowed environment for using:

  1. Height above sea level shall not be over 1000m;
  2. Ambient temperature shall not be higher than +40℃and no lower than -25℃;
  3. When the ambient temperature reaches +40℃, the relative humidity should not exceed 50%; at a lower temperature, higher relative humidity is allowed.
  4. Hard and flat ground
  5. It is prohibited to use the stacker in a flammable, explosive or corrosive environment with acid and alkali.


Notice to use electric stacker

1) Forbid overloading operation.

2) Forbid deflective transportation.

3) Passengers on truck must be forbidden.

4) Never push or pull the handle abruptly

5) Never use the truck as towing vehicle.

6) When transporting over-wide goods, the driver shall be extremely careful to turn slowly to keep balance of the goods. Decelerate when ascent and descent, meanwhile, watch around for sake of safety.

7) The faulty truck for future repair must not be parked at places impeditive for traffic. Lower down the fork arms to the lowest position and put on the warning board. Pull off the key.

8) When protective devices such as protective cover of mast is not mounted, it is forbidden to operate the truck.

9) Take care to avoid the danger of wind force when loading goods.

10)The operator shall master the traveling speed according to site condition. The truck shall slow down and move at a low speed when turning, at a narrow aisle, passing by swing doors or places where view impeded. And the truck shall keep enough distance with the forklift moving forward. Abrupt stop, sharp turn and overtaking are forbidden at dangerous places or where view is impeded except accidents. It is forbidden hold body or hands out of the driving cabin.  

11)Driver’s view during operation: The driver’s view must keep in the traveling direction of the stacker and pay attention to the condition on driving roads at all times. If the goods carried impeding driver’s view, goods carried must be adjusted to the backward of driver’s view. If the goods can not be adjusted, another operator shall be arranged and walk by the stacker so as to report the forward road condition for the truck driver.

12)Upgrade or downgrade driving: The route of upgrade and downsgrade shall be specified driving roads. The ground shall be kept clean, safe and reliable in accordance with technical performance

of the stacker. When the truck is moving upgrade with goods, the forks should be kept in the forward position. While drving downsgrade, the stacker shall move backward. Turning, tilting driving and parking is not allowed during upgrade and downsgrade moving. Make sure to slow down when downgrade drving and always make prepare for braking.

13)Driving the stacker to elevator or charging platform: When it is necessary to drive the stacker to elevator or charging platform, make sure that elevator or charging platform has enough loading capacity, with the design structure applicable for bearing stacker. Meanwhile the elevator and charging platform should be permitted by the equipment user. Checks must be carried out before operation. Before driving into the elevator, the goods should be carried into the elevator first and select the suitable parking space for the truck in order to avoid collision with walls during lifting. When there is other person needs to use the elevator, they should place the stacker at first. Then they can come into the elevator afterwards. When the elevator reaches the specified height, the personnel shall get out of the elevator at first.

14)Conditions for goods to be transported: The stacker operator should check the goods carefully make sure that there is not any risk. Before transportation of the goods, place and locate the goods. If there is any possibility of falling or overturning of the goods during transportation, it should be mounted with protective devices (such as protective guard).


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