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XILIN Successfully Delivered VNA Man-up Trucks OPTS15 Overseas

Sep 14,2021

The VNA man-up lateral reach trucks, independently developed by XILIN were delivered overseas.

Proactively responding to the calling for zero emission of carbon dioxide, XILIN is marching on the way of realizing sustainable development of VNA truck.
Guided by the principle of always to create and to perfect, XILIN’s technical team proceeded immediately to the exciting project with full confidence. However, it was frustrating that the first prototype truck failed to complete a small turning due to imprecise controlling of relevant sensors.

Conventional material handling equipment asks for at least 3 meters’ aisle width, while XILIN’s VNA truck needs only 1.7 meters to achieve flexible work. Its lifting height is up to 10 meters. The fork is not only able to move from left to right, but is also capable of rotate 180°. XILIN’s VNA truck is designed to travel all around, which is a remarkable upgrade compared with previous models. The function that the operator lifts up with the fork makes material handling more efficient in a great extent. At the same time, it took the lead in implementing national standards to manage and record running speed, lifting height, reversing status, operator authority, blind area video, etc. The two technologies have fulfilled the technical gap of the industry, which have been listed on the municipal key projects list Besides, the VNA truck can also be customized in use according to different needs.

Though good progress has been registered, XILIN’s technical group continues to widen the advantages of the VNA truck. First, the intense market need of the VNA is born under the background of earth loss, so the technicians leverage the role of gravitational potential energy to enable the motor to generate power to extend the using time of the truck, responding the appeal for low energy consumption and low emission. Second, as a Chinese proverb goes, safety weights more than Mount Tai. To ensure security over operation at high position and high speed, the VNA truck applies XILIN’s unique dynamic security technology.

Meanwhile, application of a domestically made central control instrument kicks off a good start of using Chinese products with independent intellectual property rights as a key component in the truck design, confirming XILIN’s ingenuity to support Chinese manufacturing.

The launching of XILIN’s OPTS 15 VNA truck has broken the long lasting traditional material handling truck market.

XILIN has prepared itself for many years to tide over all difficulties to accomplish developing man-up and man-down tri-lateral reach truck. In the delivering of the first container of VNA man-up truck, XILIN makes a significant head way in the field of warehouse material handling equipment.

Ningbo XILIN has made it! Xilin Forklift has made it!

XILIN is always pursuing more domestically produced products with more independent intellectual property rights, targeting to promote Chinese products to be stronger and more competitive.


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